Mystery Shopping Service Details

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    Mystery shopping service is a work that has a lot of scope these days. Every business house is employing agents to close the back office and the front office information loop to improve front office performance to ensure greater business success. The agents are employed for marketing purposes as well as for research purposes. They may be sent to retail outlets, entertainment venues, amusement parks, and hospitals. There are some basic eligibility criteria to be successful agents.

    • An agent needs to have some basic desirable traits. First of all, he should be a powerful communicator as he needs to interact with the store staff and the consumers. A mystery shopping service assignment requires the agent to observe keenly everything that goes on around him in the store. He should carefully observe the behavior of the agents as well as the consumers and also the physical premises of the store. He should be a good narrator, as he has to write out reports and submit them to the reporting authorities. Nowadays, agents are taking the help of audio visual equipment to aid their memories. He should have a photographic memory to recall whatever he has observed in the store without missing out even on the minutest of details. The agents are also expected to be highly computer savvy as they work a lot on the computers and internet.

    • Essentially a mystery shopping service can be taken up by any person. Having any prior experience is not mandatory. But having some experience makes the work a bit easy. Generally people who have worked in the hospitality tourism and retail industry are preferred as people who have worked in these areas are well conversant with consumer relationship measures. The agents should also be able to work independently without any supervision.

    • Flexibility of work hours is an advantage with this work. The agents convey to their employers the likely dates on which they can take up the assignments and take up the assignments on those particular days. The mystery shopping service employers like to stick strictly to the schedule made. Hence the shoppers should take up assignments only on the dates and the times at which they are sure to work.

    • The pay is usually moderate. It ranges somewhere between ten to fifteen dollars for an average assignment. The payment maybe made in cash or in kind. The agent is allowed to take some products for personal use from the store that he visits. Usually he is asked by the store authorities to purchase a product there posing as a genuine consumer. He is reimbursed the amount that he spends for making the purchase or he is allowed to keep the product for personal use. Many high profile mystery shopping service agents can take up assignments on a batch basis in which case, they get to earn about two hundred to three hundred dollars per batch.

    • An agent should always keep certain things handy with him while working. As his work involves traveling a lot he should have a car or bike in his disposal. He should keep a stopwatch with him or any other device that keeps time as time measurements are required for observation of the various activities in the store. He should have ready access to the internet and should have a printer handy to print out any relevant documents. 


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